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Immediate impact. Sustainable change. Measurable results.

Provide training to expand your leadership capacity, facilitate a higher level of performance for you, your team and your organization. Our training includes high potentials to mid-level managers, directors and C-level executives.

We help you cultivate your interpersonal skills and optimize your supply chain which will help you lead with greater impact and influence. Achieve breakthrough thinking driven by certified executive training.

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Shirts Off Our Backs; Boots Off Our Feet

Larry was inspired to write "Shirts Off our Backs; Boots Off Our Feet" by the dedicated men and women who serve in the Department of Defense's logistics and supply chain organizations. The book is for leaders, logisticians and supply chain professionals who are obsessed with customer support while creating value for the organizations they serve.

Executive Leadership Coaching and Assessment

Expand your leadership capacity and facilitate a higher level of performance.

Leadership Training

Helping leaders be engaged in a global environment for an effective bottom line.

Keynote Speaking

Wyche Consulting helps you think differently and integrate a values-based leadership model.

Supply Chain and Department of Defense Consulting

A smarter supply chain gives you the tools and real-time data to achieve unprecedented visibility.

Leader Development
& Leadership Seminars

Helping leaders understand how to be engaged in a global environment and fully integrate key decisions to navigate the supply chain for an effective bottom line.

Looking for a Keynote Speaker for your next event?

Our speakers have spoken to every industry and kind of audience—from board meetings to front line personnel; from sales teams to universities; from Fortune 500's to start-ups. We inspire audiences to rethink their beliefs about leadership and organizational culture and tailors the message to focus on engagement, efficiency, execution, transformation, diversity, leadership, teamwork, innovation, accountability, and more.


Developing leaders to be comfortable being uncomfortable


Wyche consulting delivers inspiring keynote speakers, executive coaching, leader and team development improving individual and team performance and organization success