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When Your Global Supply Chain Catches A Global Virus

By: Larry Wyche

I suspect that if you are a global supply-chain professional or leader, you’re not reading this right now.
Why? Because you just don’t have the time.
At this moment, I imagine you’re overwhelmed.
You’re in a 24/7 search for information and for answers about your resources, your suppliers, your distribution network, your inventory and your manufacturing processes.

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Oil & Gas Supply Chain and Procurement Summit

Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche provided a motivational speech to the Oil & Gas Supply Chain and Procurement Summit in Houston, TX.

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Maintaining the Warfighter Logistician Mentality: An Interview With Retired Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche

By: Arpi Dilanian and Matthew Howard

From private to sergeant to three-star general, retired Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche is the epitome of an Army logistician. Across multiple assignments at Army Materiel Command (AMC) and during his time as the commanding general of the Combined Arms Support Command at Fort Lee, Virginia, Wyche developed a reputation for ensuring our warfighters had what they needed when they needed it. Here are his perspectives on the challenges of battlefield sustainment and how the Army is preparing to succeed in the future.

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Attacking Cyber: Increasing resilience and protecting mission essential capabilities in cyberspace

By: Lieutenant General Larry Wyche & Dr. Dawn Dunkerley Goss

We are entering a new era of evolving threats, advancing technologies, and reduced resources. Adversaries continue to exploit weaknesses within interconnected systems, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that now power the Army's daily operations through the aggregation and analysis of vast amounts of data, sometimes from dozens of sources. Each of these sources brings its own level of threat and vulnerability, leading to an incredibly complex environment ripe for exploitation. Despite these challenges, Army Materiel Command (AMC) is employing an aggressive cyber strategy to ensure our resilience within an increasingly congested and contested domain.

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Delivering Materiel ReadinessFrom "Blunt Force" Logistics to Enterprise Resource Planning

By: Lieutenant General Larry Wyche

The 21st century security environment-volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous-presents enormous challenges to the joint force. Future trends forecast a continued migration of the world's populations to urban areas and megacities, a reemergence of nationalistic and religious fervor, a direct or indirect transfer of technology from governments to terrorist organizations and an extension of conflict into cyber and space domains. Ensuring national security continues to require a whole-of-government approach involving not only the military element of power but also economic, diplomatic and informational elements.

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Synchronizing Leader Development for Sustainment 2020

By: Major General Larry D. Wyche

The Army logistics community is currently working on initiatives in the education realm to shape the Globally Responsive Sustainment Strategy in support of the Army Leader Development Strategy.

As the Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) continues to develop the Globally Responsive Sustainment Strategy, it has both the need and the opportunity to integrate the learning initiatives it is undertaking into a comprehensive logistics leader development strategy to produce adaptive and creative sustainers with the skills and knowledge to operate in the future environment.

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Skills-Based Training Promotes Lifelong Learning for Army 2020

By: Major General Larry D. Wyche

Troop redeployments from Afghanistan, force drawdown, force restructuring, and an evolving national security climate require the Army of 2020 to be diverse and adaptive and learn and respond faster than the enemy to “guarantee the agility, versatility and depth to prevent, shape and win,” according to the 2012 Army Strategic Planning Guidance.

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Global Combat Support System–Army and Sustainment 2020

By: Major General Larry D. Wyche

The Army’s 2020 sustainment concept incorporates numerous changes and enhancements to our current systems and practices. Perhaps none of the changes are more important than those that will affect the systems that manage inventories, equipment maintenance, supply orders, and unit finances. Our Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMISs) have served us well in this regard for many years, but the Army of 2020 is poised to move to the next level of logistics support.

After seven years of development, testing, and validation, Global Combat Support System–Army (GCSS–Army) is in fielding. Combining myriad automated sustainment systems into a single web-based system, GCSS–Army is ready to revolutionize the way sustainers support the force and enhance readiness. The system provides improved readiness, accountability, and the ability to be financially audited by integrating key capabilities into one common system.

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The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Army Sustainment

By: Major General Larry D. Wyche

Enterprise resource planning systems improve equipment management, parts and supply ordering, and financial accountability while providing visibility of equipment in the supply pipeline.

As we look past Army Sustainment 2020 to Force 2025 and beyond, the importance of advanced technologies, logistics systems, and improved business practices is becoming even more apparent.

The Army is faced with a reduced budget and force levels that make automation and technology vital. These reduced levels are expected to continue as the Army streamlines its operations and transforms from an Arm

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