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Our Commitment to you:

Helping leaders understand how to be engaged in a global environment and fully integrate key metrics to navigate the supply chain for an effective bottom line.

A smarter supply chain gives you the tools and real-time, actionable data to deepen connectivity, extend collaboration and achieve unprecedented visibility.

We assist businesses to better understand and navigate thru the Department of Defense (DOD) system, organizations and processes while identifying potential opportunities. Expertise in research and development, manufacturing, contracting and acquisition as well as foreign military sales.

Through Wyche Consulting we will help you to act quickly with confidence to mitigate an increasing array of disruptions and risks so you can streamline your supply chain and deliver more rapidly.

Other areas of Supply Chain and Logistics Expertise:

  • Understanding the Department of Defense Industrial Base
  • Learning How to Navigate Department of Defense Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Continuous Process Improvement Execution

We're ready to work with you.