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Larry Wyche is a true leader and a real game changer. We have utilized Wyche Consulting in leadership development and supply chain logistics with our executives and young leaders.  He has a God-given talent to motivate and inspire, while always remaining humble and approachable.  His expertise in both is unmatched!                      

Drayton McLane III

Corporate Supply Chain

COVID 19 proved a resilient, diverse and secure supply chain are necessary for America’s economic prosperity. We learned that you cannot “Control the Uncontrollable”, but you can manage risk within your supply chain.

In today’s complex, volatile and uncertain environment, having the ability and capability to see yourself- your entire supply chain pipeline from end-to-end is one of the first steps to mitigating risk and implementing an effective Business Spend Management strategy.

Continuously monitoring and knowing your supply chain choke points and disrupters is a “must have” if you want to create and maintain that competitive advantage.

Developing a supply chain digital twin  for conducting “what if” scenarios in minimum to no time can be the difference between your organization success and failure.

Let Wyche Leadership & Supply Chain Consulting help you strengthen, refine or develop a supply chain strategy that allows your organization to better see supply chain from end -to- end, manage risk and cost that add value to your bottom line.

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Lieutenant General(R)Wyche has provided decidedly valuable and innovative leadership to the GovExchange team and while adding tremendous value in addressing complex challenges and problems. LTG(R)Wyche has a natural talent to be amazingly effective coach and mentor. I found him to be super honest and always dedicated to positive outcome. He has unquestionable integrity and our entire team at GovExchange is honored to have opportunity to benefit from his leadership.

Ali Saadat
Executive Chairman
SconSet Investment Group LLC

Federal & DoD, Research & Development and Acquisition Programs

The Federal & DoD enterprise is large and complex yet filled with numerous business opportunities for small to mid-size businesses and large corporations.

We assist businesses to better understand and navigate thru the Federal & DOD organizations, programs and processes while identifying potential business opportunities.

Our expertise ranges from research and development, acquisition, contracting, manufacturing to understanding DoD’s industry base as well as foreign military sales.

Just knowing and understanding the right entry points to explore and pursue these business opportunities can be a monumental feat.

Let Wyche Leadership and Supply Chain Consulting navigate you thru this complex process.

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