Military Junior to Mid-Level Self Awareness Leader Development

Leadership at the point of impact requires self-aware leaders with strong interpersonal and team leading skills.  At the end of the day, an organizations performance rests on the shoulders of leaders and teams who translate ideas and plans into action.  

The military does a phenomenal job of identifying individuals with the demonstrated potential and the desire to fulfill a leadership role.

Our uncertain and volatile world requires our young leaders of all services to face difficult, demanding, and dangerous situations abroad on short notice.  

Let us contribute to your success in developing your young upcoming junior and mid-level leaders by first starting with their self-awareness as a leader, and building lifelong skills to be a higher performing leader and team member building trust and commitment within the ranks!

"I can recall to being promoted to Sergeant E-5.

Now I was in charge of leading the same Soldiers and setting the best example for my former teammates.  At 19 years old I was still trying to figure out what leadership meant, and what type of leader I wanted to be.

Although the Army sent me to what was then called the Primary Noncommissioned Officer Course”, I still lacked the self-awareness to be the best leader I could be.

Over the last 40 years I have observed many of our young junior and mid- level leaders experiencing the same challenges that I did as a young corporal and sergeant."

Larry Wyche

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Throughout many leadership positions, I have been told that I am a great leader. After taking the "Everything DiSC" assessment, I realize how I could have been an exceptional leader." 

James Sims, Retired Command Sergeant Major

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